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Whole Home Ventilation

Ventilation Solutions for Your Greater Cincinnati, OH Area Home

We tend to keep our homes sealed up tight. With weather-stripping, caulking and insulation, we try really hard to keep our temperature controlled air from escaping. Unfortunately, when we keep our air inside and unable to escape, we are also trapping contaminants and pollutants as well. Every home should have controlled ventilation to help keep fresh, healthy air circulating throughout. At Peak Heating & Air, Inc. we have the right tools and knowledge to effectively ensure that the fresh air intake to your home is constant and effective.

The Importance of Ventilation In Your Home

You may be thinking, if ventilation is important, I can just go open a window or two, right? Yes, keeping your home ventilated can be as easy as opening the windows regularly. Our ventilation services do more, however, than just usher fresh air inside. With smart controls, the ventilation unit draws a controlled amount of fresh air into your heating and cooling system regularly. The amount of air you bring in is crucial, as too much wastes energy, while too little is not effective.

The right amount of ventilation is essential to keep the quality of the air inside your home pristine. Ventilation helps with:

  • Keeping Air Fresh - We've all walked into a home where the air seems stale. You can prevent air from becoming musty and stagnant with a proper whole home ventilation system.
  • Expelling Indoor Air Pollutants - Harmful contaminants and pollutants can get trapped inside. With proper ventilation they will be circulated outside instead. Ventilation systems help remove volatile organic compounds, chemicals from cleaners and carbon dioxide from your indoor air.
  • Helping Your Home Save Energy - Whole home ventilation systems help increase energy savings as fresh and controlled outdoor air keeps conditions inside comfortable. As a result, homeowners ultimately do not need to run their heating and cooling systems as much.

Ventilation Services Near You

Peak Heating & Air Inc. is proud to offer a number of different indoor air quality services, including ventilation systems, to the residents in Alexandria, KY and the Greater Cincinnati, OH area. Our clients appreciate our:

  • Professional service from a local family-owned and operated business.
  • NATE certified technicians.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services.
  • Upfront pricing and financing options available.
  • Speciality service to include historical homes.

To schedule your consultation, contact Peak today at 859-635-8899.