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Whole Home Ventilation

Whole-Home Ventilation

" . . . The air inside our homes is up to
100 times more polluted  than outdoor air . . . "

Every home needs to breathe . . .


We're making our homes tighter to save energy.


Every home needs controlled ventilation to maintain proper indoor air quality.

Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Off-gasses from furniture, cars, construction materials, fabrics & finishes
  • Harmful health effects can include eye, nose & throat irritation as well as headaches & nausea
Chemicals & Cleaners
  • Many household cleaners emit fumes & vapors
  • Some fumes & vapors can be harmful, especially when concentrated
Carbon Dioxide
  • Results from people & pets breathing
  • Builds up to create stale, stuffy air
With Whole-Home Ventilation

Balanced Ventilation
Pre-treats incoming air to save energy and improve comfort.
Positive Ventilation
Uses smart control connected to your heating/cooling system
to draw in a controlled amount of fresh air.
Control is the key to proper ventilation:
      • Quantity of fresh air:  Too much = Wasted energy
        Too little = Trapped, stuffy, stale air
      • Quality of fresh air:    Don't bring in outdoor air that is too hot, too cold or too humid.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
found in 70% of homes tested.

What are they?
VOCs in your home's air include off-gasses from synthetic materials, paints, carpets, cleaners, cosmetics, fragrances and odors.
Why should I be concerned?
Many VOCs are known to be harmful to your health: formaldehyde, solvents, sealants, resins and cleaning agents.
Where do they come from?
Sources of chemical pollutants in your home: household cleaners, carpeting, furniture, fuel fumes, pets, scented products, air fresheners, personal care products, "bad smell" sources (garbage and bathrooms), and common household products (paint, glue and plastics).
How can VOCs be controlled?
The installation of mechanical ventilation equipment to increase the amount of fresh air in the home is the best way. This approach effectively dilutes the concentration of chemical pollutants and reduces your exposure.
"What is the purpose of installing a mechanical ventilation system in a home? It is to provide a controlled amount of unpolluted air for indoor pollutant dilution and removal, and for the sensory satisfaction of occupants to control interior moisture. An important secondary purpose is to maximize building durability, combustion safety and indoor air quality."
"Another approach to lowering the concentrations of indoor air pollutants in your home is to increase the amount of outdoor air coming indoors. Most home heating and cooling systems, including forced air heating systems, do not mechanically bring fresh air into the house.
Advanced designs of new homes are staring to feature mechanical systems that bring outdoor air into the home. Some of these designs include energy-efficient heat recovery ventilators (also known as air-to-air heat exchangers).
"When creating an energy-efficient, airtight home through air sealing techniques, it's very important to consider ventilation. Unless properly ventilated, an airtight home can seal in indoor pollutants. Ventilation also helps control moisture—another important consideration for a healthy, energy-efficient home.
Your home needs ventilation—the exchange of indoor air with outdoor air—to reduce indoor pollutants, moisture and odors. Contaminants such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and radon can accumulate in poorly ventilated homes, causing health problems. Excess moisture in a home can generate high humidity levels. High humidity levels can lead to mold growth and structural damage to your home."
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