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Heating Maintenance

Peak Heating & Air For Your Annual Heater Tune-Ups

Yearly tune-ups for your furnace may not be on your radar. You may be thinking, "I've never done one before and my heater is working just fine. Why start?" Well, we are so glad you asked. Annual maintenance service performed on your system is incredibly important. While your heater may seem to run just fine without it, there are a few important benefits to having the service done:

  • Furnace will run more efficiently, saving you money on energy costs.
  • Regular maintenance service adds years to your heating system's working life.
  • Tune-ups help prevent costly repairs from happening down the road.
  • Maintenance helps your system run better, keeping your home more comfortable.

Peak's Planned Maintenance Program

At Peak, our Planned Maintenance Program includes a number of steps to inspect, clean and service your unit. We check to make sure all connections are tight, the burners and chambers are clean, the thermostat is working properly, along with a number of other measures designed to keep your electric or gas furnace running smoothly all winter long.

In addition to an annual service visit for your heater, as part of our Planned Maintenance Program you will also receive a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Becoming a priority customer with same day service when you need it.
  • Adding value to your home with a transferable agreement.
  • Receiving discounts on all necessary repair services.

Tune-Ups For Any Heater By Peak

At Peak Heating & Air, when you decide to partner with us for your annual maintenance service, you are signing up to work with highly trained and certified technicians who have years of experience working with furnaces. Our skilled team members will inspect, clean and service your heater to guarantee it runs strongly and smoothly throughout our chilly winter months.

We have served the Alexandria, KY and Cincinnati, OH areas for over 20 years. We specialize in heating and cooling services for historical homes, but serve a wide variety of clients with all types of houses and residences. Our family owned and operated business is based upon friendly service and skilled craftsmanship. Contact us today at 859-635-8899 to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our maintenance program!