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Air Conditioning Replacement Services

Precise Installation Services on AC Units Near Cincinnati, OH

Did you know that an improperly installed air conditioning will not run efficiently and won’t last as long as it should? In addition, if a unit that is improperly-sized for your space is installed, it won’t work well, either. When the time comes to replace your air conditioner, you don’t want to leave such an important job in the hands of someone without the right experience and training.

At Peak Heating & Air, we pride ourselves on our years of experience and extensive knowledge of heating and cooling systems. Our technicians will be able to not only help you determine which unit would be right for your house and your needs, we will install your new unit with expert care and precision.

How much does it cost to get an AC unit replaced?

Central air conditioning installation prices generally range from $3,799 to $7,557, with an average of $5,659. The total cost of the process is determined on the brand you pick, the SEER rating, installation costs and the size of your home. If you need to replace your ductwork at the same time you get your AC unit replaced, expect to add $1,200 to $3,000 to the total cost.

What size home air conditioner do I need for my home?

There are various factors to consider, all of which will influence the size of the air conditioner you'll need for your home. For example: 

  • What is the size of your home in square feet?
  • What part of the country do you reside in, and how is the weather there?
  • How thick is your insulation and how old is it?
  • How many windows does your home have?
  • Is there a lot of shade or sun in your home?
  • What is the age of your ductwork and what is the age of your ductwork?
  • How many individuals do you have living in your home?

The three most critical numbers to know in order to come up with a ballpark figure are your home's square footage, the unit's tonnage requirement and the height of your ceilings.

Can I finance my new home air conditioning system?

Peak Heating & Air provides financing to those that require it. We're excited to work with GreenSky and FTL on financing that gives you a variety of options. In addition, we accept payment by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Don't worry if you need a new unit or a costly repair—when you deal with Peak Heating & Air, Inc. you have flexibility and payment alternatives.

Signs It Could Be Time To Talk Replacement

At Peak we work with all of our clients to try and keep AC units running for as long as possible. However, there comes a point when it is truly a waste of money to keep fixing an old unit that is not running well. Some indications you may need to replace instead of repair include:

  • The Unit Is Over 15 Years Old - A well-maintained, properly-serviced air conditioning unit can last 15 years or longer. However, once that age is reached, the efficiency goes down and the likelihood of breaking down goes up.
  • You Have To Repair More Than Once A Year - Units that need regular repairs are just not working properly, period. Not only are you paying for repairs, you are probably paying more in your energy bills as well, as units that are struggling do not run very efficiently.
  • A Necessary Repair Is Over Half The Price of a New Unit - Most repairs are fairly minor; however, when the inspection is done and the technician is recommending a very extensive repair along with a very large price tag, it may be worth it to consider passing on the repair and going with a replacement instead.

Peak Heating & Air For Your AC Installation Services

The expert technicians at Peak Heating & Air are happy to sit down with you and discuss your different cooling system options. Our customers continue to turn to us for:

  • Quality brands such as Daikin and Tempstar for air conditioning installations.
  • Upfront pricing on our replacement services before any work is done.
  • Highly trained and NATE certified technicians.
  • Friendly and professional customer service from our local family-owned and operated business.
  • Speciality services available for historical homes.

In addition, we offer FREE ESTIMATES on our air conditioning replacement services. Call Peak Heating & Air Inc. at 859-635-8899 to schedule your consultation today!